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What and why ?


This European project ILLICO mainly aims to improve the support of adults with intellectual disabilities towards a more independent life, offering tools for people with disabilities, families and professionals in the medical-social field.

The Erasmus + program allows, through its funding for the support of adult education, the European consortium to meet and work together, in order to produce deliverables to reach our main goal.

ILLICO derives from a previous European project, entitled “Unlocking Freedom through Adult Education“, whose resources are available on this website.



ILLICO is a European project lead by the Centre de la Gabrielle and the University Paris-Est Créteil in France, the Institute for Community-based Social Services Foundation (ICSS) in Bulgaria, Stewarts Care Ltd in Ireland and KVPS the Service Foundation for People with Intellectual Disability in Finland.

The Disability Federation of Ireland and the Maynooth University in Ireland are also associated partners.

See the partners page.

What are the key objectives?



  • To empower people with disabilities to live independently and achieve their full inclusion and participation in the community;
  • To foster the leadership skills of people with intellectual disabilities living in the community and invest in them as experts-by-experience who would become representatives of independent living;
  • To challenge the institutional culture of organizations; to maximize their support to integrate people with intellectual disabilities fully into the community; to involve them in a close relationship with families;
  • To empower families with the process of de-institutionalization and the future of their child; to especially help them understand the role in supporting the transition period from institution to independent living.

How to reach these objectives?


Over 3 years, several outputs are planned: the writing of two studies, the implementation of innovative peer-emulation programs and networks, the creation of a youtube channel for the development of independent living skills with 6 video-clips, as well as a toolkit including trainings for professionals in contact with families of adults with intellectual disabilities.

These different tools will be translated into several languages, distributed at a European level and online via this website.

To understand the process and see the published outputs click here.


This project is built in partnership with european actors, who will be meeting in a partner country every 6 months. We will also organize local national events in the 4 partner countries so that you can learn about the outputs of this European project! We will keep you updated.


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