Instructor’s Manual – Moving Course

KVPS Instructors Manual

This document, developed by Maisa Kosola and Marjo Rikkinen, from our project partner the Service Foundation for People with an Intellectual Disability (KVPS) has been designed with specific deference to and articulation of the issues of primary concern raised by people with disabilities themselves and their family members who participated in the project. KVPS are a recognised leader in the field, and this report is valuable to be considered in follow up to their previously published document ‘This is how I manage’.

The main topics of the course include the following:

  • Equality and lifelong learning
  • What to take into consideration when organising a course for a group of people with special support needs
  • Perspectives on learning- context dependency, functional capacity, life management skills, cognitive skills, the pedagogy of love, and the learning environment
  • Lessons with people with special support needs- strengths and support needs, adulthood, relationships and free time, safety in the home and everyday life, safe use of the internet and the phone, managing everyday life, what moving means, hopes and dreams.
  • Tips and excercises that can be done with course participants

The Instructor’s Manual word document can be found below to download.

Instructor’s Manual-Moving Course – WORD

Instructor’s Manual -Moving Course – PDF

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