UPEC: A research report about professional and user’s representations of disability and Deinstutionalization in Centre de la Gabrielle

Please find below the Research report entitled “Conceptions of deinstitutionalisation in an institution: A comparative perspective” by Dr. Alexandre Ployé of the University Paris-Est Créteil. This research sought to explore How do professionals working in the medico-social sector and, specifically, in a major institution – the Gabrielle Centre in Claye-Souilly near Paris – experience and […]

Unlocking Freedom CLG Publication: Methods and Practices for Nutritional Support

The Unlocking Freedom Project aims to support the de-institutionalisation process for people with disabilities, specifically the transition period (transition from the institution to independent life), by developing new and innovative teaching, learning and training methods which are adapted to the requirements of adults. The Adults sector at Centre de la Gabrielle has, for its own […]

Manual for Independent Living Skills

This is a training manual to prepare people to live independently. The training is split into five different categories: Self-Care Skills, Household Skills, Understanding Skills, Social Skills, Interpersonal Skills. The manual contains lots of information to help with the training as well as worksheets to provide a more practical element to the course. Manual for Independent […]

Easy Read Document with Information on the Erasmus Project and Consent Form.

An easy read document has been developed based on the information about this Erasmus Project. This document was developed as part of the section of the project ‘Basic training needs assessment methodology for people with disability. This coincides with a consent form for participants.

Methodology for assessment of the needs for independent life training of people with disabilities

  1. Goals of the project This document was made as part of a project “Unlocking Freedom through Adult Education: The role of adult education in supporting the de-institutionalization of people with disabilities in the community”. The project is funded by the “Erasmus+ “ program 2014-2020, CD 2: Projects for strategic partnerships”. Contract No. 2015-1-IE01-KA204-008666). […]

This is how I manage

Developed in Finland by project partners The Service Foundation for People with an Intellectual Disability (KVPS) “This is how I manage” is a person centered tool of describing support needs. The document is a ground breaking tool which helps you identify and assess your need for help and support. This document has been used in a variety of settings including: […]