Unlocking Freedom Background

Unlocking Freedom is a previous project that lead to the construction of ILLICO. It ran from 2015 to 2018. Please find all information about it here, where the project comes from, its partners, and the results.

A Common Goal for Europe

The de-institutionalization of people with disabilities is a common European goal. It is a complex and challenging opportunity and different countries are at varying stages in the achievement of this goal, including the partners in the project.

While progress may vary, all countries recognise that the development of skills for independent life is a key factor for a successful de-institutionalization.

Independent life includes the knowledge and skills that a person needs to guide his/her life at home and within the community

Skills for independent life can be grouped into broad categories which help shape how we live in society. Categories most commonly used are;

  • Self-care, health, and safety: skills for hygiene and care for the body, the inhabited space, and skills for healthy lifestyle.
  • Household skills: competency to run the household, such as cleaning, laundering and cooking, casual repairs, but including the general organisation of work.
  • Cognitive competencies: skills for understanding the environment surrounding the individual (time, money, symbols, sizes, appliances, planning, foresight of consequences).
  • Social skills: skills for orientation and organisation of the surroundings (travels, orientation in town and neighborhood, working with money, leisure activities).
  • Interaction with others: skills for adequate communication with others; skills for establishing and maintaining connections and networks; standing up for one’s own interests while respecting the interests of others.
  • Self-identification and self-development: combination of skills and knowledge of personal strengths and weaknesses; ability to set goals and make choices; skills for interaction with others in a way that respects personal rights and the rights of others.

The partners in the project use different tools to evaluate needs and to plan the support of people with disabilities, while still striving for this common goal of de-institutionalisation.

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