UPEC: A research report about professional and user’s representations of disability and Deinstutionalization in Centre de la Gabrielle

Please find below the Research report entitled “Conceptions of deinstitutionalisation in an institution: A comparative perspective” by Dr. Alexandre Ployé of the University Paris-Est Créteil.

This research sought to explore How do professionals working in the medico-social sector and, specifically, in a major institution – the Gabrielle Centre in Claye-Souilly near Paris – experience and represent this European recommendation ? How are they able to reconcile the representation they have of their own role as educators with how they conceive of deinstitutionalisation?

Dr. Ployé’s research is based direct consultation through talking groups, with service users of CDG and a group of professionals within the Gabrielle Centre with whom Dr. Ployé led talking groups over the course of one year at the Gabrielle Centre. Dr Ployé offers expert insight into the various elements that can enable professionals to become agents of a kind of change that is compatible with the ideals of deinstitutionalisation. Dr. Ployé recommends that

“the definition of deinstitutionalisation needs to go beyond easy oppositions between the inside and the outside, the closed and the open, or liberal inclusiveness and totalitarian imprisonment…..re-defining what good deinstitutionalisation practice might amount to: the point is not to call for the destruction of institutional walls (in the name of a violation of the rights of persons with disabilities) so much as to take a systematic approach to the needs of users in terms of autonomy of thought and psychological permission to think for themselves; in short: to support them in destroying the “walls in their minds” that constitute barriers to the construction of their autonomous life.”

Developed by our project partners: UPEC – Université Paris-Est Créteil

Unlocking Freedom UPEC Research Report on DeInstitutionalisation – PDF

Unlocking Freedom UPEC Research Report on DeInstitutionalisation – WORD

Unlocking Freedom Rapport de recherche version finale – UPEC  – PDF IN FRENCH 



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