Unlocking Freedom CLG Publication: Methods and Practices for Nutritional Support

The Unlocking Freedom Project aims to support the de-institutionalisation process for people with disabilities, specifically the transition period (transition from the institution to independent life), by developing new and innovative teaching, learning and training methods which are adapted to the requirements of adults.

The Adults sector at Centre de la Gabrielle has, for its own part, concentrated on the theme of health and wellness, more specifically the fight against obesity and overweight in adults with intellectual disability, which are considered to be a hindrance to independent life. It has developed this report on nutritional support methodology and practices based on the principles drawn from patient therapeutic education (PTE).

The work in Centre de la Gabrielle captured in this report, shows the thoughtful approach to the work which we took, in a number of ways:

  • By making information accessible and by adapting preventative health action to the existing requirements and desires of adults with intellectual disability (willingness, choice of lifestyle, access to healthcare);
  • By taking action with regard to deeply ingrained life habits in people who have often experienced a highly institutionalised trajectory;
  • By including professional carers in these steps towards greater independence via training and supervised development of practices;
  • By developing a network of services within the community around each adult, promoting partnerships and continuity in care trajectories;
  • By remaining alert to ethical questions concerning the balance between the right of people with disabilities to make their own decisions and monitoring the state of their health.

As a result to this work, CLG has developed this document as a nutritional support methodology and practice based on therapeutic education. It has been co-written under the responsibility of Dr Yan Manh thanks to financial support from the European “Unlocking freedom through adult education” project. It is also available on request in French.

Click on the links below to access the document: 

Unlocking Freedom CLG Publication Methods and Practices for Nutritional Support WORD  (Please note the word version doesn’t print out well, if you need to print use the PDF version!).

Unlocking Freedom CLG Publication Methods and Practices for Nutritional Support PDF





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