Person Involved: Yordanka Georgieva Rainova

My name is Yordanka Georgieva Rainova. I live in Sofia, Bulgaria.

I was born on the 11th of October 1979.

I graduated from Social Education and Vocational Center in Kniaz Boris, Sofia with my specialty being a Sanitarian.

In 2008 I attended a course for masseurs lead by M&I SPA Solutions, Varna, and now I’m a certified masseur.

Before I finished the course for masseurs I worked as a technical assistant for Pokrov Bogorodichen Foundation Day-Care Center, where under the supervision of a specialist I helped in maintaining the hygiene, nutrition and education of the children in the center.

In the period from July 2013 till the end of June 2016 I practiced as a masseur assistant for Integrated education Foundation and Children development Ltd. My obligations were to do massages, to assist the remedial gymnastics procedures under the supervision of physiotherapist and to keep the physiotherapy cabinet in good order.

From 2013 up till now I have worked with Slavin Dimitrov. His is a specialist in rehabilitation and physiotherapy. I’ve learnt a lot of new things from him and together we created “Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation” where I am assistant-rehabilitator.

Now I work as a hygienist in Hilton Hotel where I do the cleaning and disinfection of the premises which I am responsible for.

My hobbies are to develop myself and to continue doing massages and gymnastics.

My family is very proud of me and supports me in my every endeavor. We love to travel together visiting different places in the world.

In November 2016 I took part in train the trainer workshops for development of skills for independent living. I’ve learnt a lot from the Erasmus+ Programme under which many people from different countries are trained to live independently.

In the training which took place in Sofia, together with other young people we were learning how to plan our day, how to take care of our health and hygiene, how to accept criticism and how to have fun in our leisure time. It was interesting and a great fun especially the meeting with the foreign partners after the training. We now have new friends!

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