Train the trainer programme success!

As part of the Erasmus Plus KA2 Unlocking Freedom through Adult Education a total of six people with intellectual disabilities  who reside in the community and live independently, partook in a three day train the trainer event.The train the trainer programme was delivered by our partners in Bulgaria in November 2016 and it was delivered in Ireland on 26th 27th & 30th   January 2017 as per Erasmus Plus KA2 project application. The train the trainer was developed based on the Manual for Independent living skills which was drafted in IO1 with input from our Bulgarian partners on draft and design. The training took place in Rossecourt Resource Centre ,Dublin, Ireland on the 26th 27th & 30th   January  2017 from 10-4pm each day .A total of six people with intellectual disabilities volunteered to partake in the training which incorporated the following five areas of skills i.e. Self-Care Skills, Household Skills, Understanding skills – budgeting, Interpersonal skills and social skills. The trainers  who delivered the training were Debbie Kelleher & Emer Murphy.  The participants were very enthusiastic during this training event. They participated very well, provided lots of examples and shared information freely within the group. They very much enjoyed the role play ,interactive cut out materials and worksheets to complete, visual aids, and use of smartphone technology during the  training sessions.  They provided  valuable feedback after each  training session and completed the feedback evaluation form which our partners from Finland had kindly disseminated to this project. They learned a variety of new skills during training and the focus was on developing them as trainers. They particularly enjoyed practicing delivering the training and got to practice this with a student occupational therapist who sat in on the training session on Monday 30th January and the group were very welcoming to him. Each participant compiled a folder to collate all their worksheets and evidence of training. All participants  gave their  verbal consent for their photos/video to be taken during training and for same to be shared among our international partners. Each participant received a certificate of participation based on the modules of training they attended. Three participants were able to attend all five modules. They are very excited and are really looking forward to training a group of  twelve people with intellectual disabilities further enhance their Independent life skills by co-facilitating delivering a five day training event from 27th March -2nd June 2017.

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