Independent Living Training Needs Assessment and Methodology Tools.

Methodology ELogoThis suite of material including the initial report document is the result of a broad desk-study of current methodologies for assessing the needs of support in the transitional period towards independent life of people with disabilities.  The leading role of the methodology preparation was the role of the Institute for community-based social services Foundation (ICSS) from Bulgaria, with the participation of Irish partner Stewarts Care, French partner Centre de la Gabrielle (CLG) and our Finish parter Service Foundation for People with an Intellectual Disability (KVPS).


The methodology is directly related with the goals of the project as follows:

  • To contribute to the lifelong learning opportunities and the social integration of people with disabilities through training of adults and community training: by assessment of the current needs of training the independent life resources of people with disabilities and their re-formulation in educational purposes and goals.
  • To unite the efforts and of educational institutions in the local community with the purposes of establishing of curricula and the adaption thereof in support of their role in inclusion of people with disabilities: by increasing the understanding of the necessity of personality-oriented training approach for the development of individual skills, in which the person with disability is a key figure.
  • To send a message to the institutional culture of organization and to optimize their support for overall integration of people with disabilities in the community: by considering people with disabilities as “experts with experiences” (people with experience in the specific disability or in support of services), who can support or train other people.

The document below outlines the report of the Methodology for assessment of the needs for independent life training of people with disabilities and then follows with the presentation of the package of support tools for use including:

  • Desk research information
  • Easy to read project information and Consent form

Training Needs Assessment for Independent Living covering three areas of:

  1. Personal Information
  2. Strengths and Development
  3. Checklist for Self Assessment
  4. Specialist tools – Life Skills Inventory Independent Living Skills Assessment Tool

The assessment remains in the project file. Individual tools may be copied/pictured and used by people with disabilities and their supporters as correct image of their skills for independent life and purposes for development.

Good luck! 

Training Needs Assessment and complete Methodology Tools – word

Training Needs Assessment and complete Methodology Tools – pdf

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