The role of adult education supporting the de-institutionalisation of people with disabilities in the community.

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Project activities include:

Training needs assessment designed and delivered to 24 people with disabilities in Bulgaria and Ireland, sharing ideas and materials with Finland – including a “This is how I do: A person-centered tool of describing support needs


Training programme (delivered through train the trainer) and manual for Independent living

skills. We will design a learner centred training programme and manual to en- hance basic independent living skills of people with disabilities transitioning to community living according to their needs and interests. The activity will be led by ICSS in Bulgaria and tested in Ireland as well, with contribution

from other partner coun- tries with experience in the area.

Research on Deinstitutionalization in an institution:  comparative look at the experience of professional and young adults with intellectual disabilities. This will be conducted by UPEC in Paris, with staff and people with disabilities who use the services of Centre de la Gabrielle. The aim is to explore the experience of both staff and service users, to understand both perspectives, and we hope come up with recommendations.


Toolkit and publication on nutritional support through the deinstitutionalization process:

As a result of institutionalization, adults with disabilities require greater awareness and basic to help them choose healthier options.

For this activity, Centre de La Gabrielle will develop a toolkit, study and an online publication to gather the methods that will be adapted to adults with a disability for independent living. The publications will also be translated from French into English.

Transition training

This part of the project is being rolled out in Finland through KVPS with support from Irish partners. The work aims to facilitate the voice of people with intellectual disabilities to be heard in times of transition; To teach people with intellectual disabilities how they can plan their lives and services;  To train family members and staff (including local authorities) how to use person-centered planning tools and how to personalize services in times of transition. To enhance the basic skills of people with intellectual disabilities as adult learners, as well as increase the competences of support persons and adult educators.

Develop a curriculum on de- institutionalisation for adult educators and community workers

Maynooth University will lead this activity with active participation from Stewarts Care. The aim will be to design and develop a curriculum and a training programme to raise awareness in main- stream adult education and community facilities to ensure greater inclusion and integration of students with disabilities across all activities of their work (not just disability specific).

Train the trainer programme. Based on all the work of the project a non accredited train the trainer programme will be delivered to interested people with the disability to equip them to work with the adult educator to roll out the delivery of the curriculum on supporting successful transition and independent living of people with disabilities into the community.

For a list of project partners Click here.


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